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Ocena oddziaływania na środowisko projektowanej farmy wiatrowej


Inwentaryzacja specjalistyczna

Telemetria nietoperzy na autostradzie A-2


Nadzór przyrodniczy

Nadzór nad wycinką drzew w pasie budowanej autostradowej obwodnicy Wrocławia wraz z Mostem Rędzińskim


Comprehensive management of environmental projects


ansee consulting is a valued leader in Poland supporting the development of nature-friendly investment.

Application of international standards and very good knowledge of the national legal conditions are our strengths which guarantee the safety and success of entrusted projects.



EIA reports and decisions


ansee consulting prepares reports on environmental impact which are necessary to assess …

Natura 2000


Analyses of the assessment of impact on the Natura 2000 areas are specific opinions, often requiring cooperation of specialists from different fields or even carrying out of appropriate environmental inventories.

We are not afraid to take up challenges

  • we see solutions where others do not
  • we have necessary specialists and experienced managers to supervise your investment
  • we cooperate with Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection across Poland
  • we have experienced with various types of investments

The company has vast experience in consulting, providing services since 2007 for Polish and foreign investors who make infrastructure, industrial and commercial investments in Poland.

Environmental Inventories

Kompleksowa inwentaryzacja przyrodnicza

ansee consulting due to the company’s extensive human resources and collaboration with national and world specialists …




“We can recommend ansee consulting as a reliable provider of specialist studies connected with environmental preservation, in particular in the scope of assessment of impact on the Natura 2000 areas”
EUROVIA Kruszywa S.A.
“Staff of ansee consulting not only performed their tasks pursuant to the generally available knowledge but also prepare on their own research and guidelines which are reliable in Poland”
Volkswind Polska sp. z o.o.
“Documentation was prepared with due care, so taking into account the timeliness, high quality of the documentation as well as competences and professionalism and experience of the staff we can recommnend ansee consulting Michał Jaśkiewicz to other investors and contractors”
UG Walim

“ansee consulting Michał Jaśkiewicz has appropriate technical resources and staff thanks to which it can quickly and effectively perform the entrusted tasks. Their studies are professional and of high quality”
EWG Żukowice sp z o.o.

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Gryf Dolnośląski

gryfThe modern business leader. ansee consulting for its perseverance in work and implementation of innovations has received Nagroda Gospodarcza Dolnośląski Gryf 2011in the category INNOVATION for the best results in the scope of academic entrepreneurship and implementation of scientific research in everyday life. Gryf Dolnośląski is a very prestigious prize awarded to companies of Lower Silesia for best results in business. This year’s prize was awarded to the owner of the company, Michał Jaśkiewicz, during a gala event at the Wrocław Opera by outstanding personages from Poland and Lower Silesia.